Who are we?

The Company "Inter Arh" has established offices in the cities of Varna and Stara Zagora. Our design teams are made of young and ambitious employees. We are creative people, filled with ideas and our main goal is to satisfy our customers. Everyone that works for our company has the necessary skills and certifications to design any type of building. We have proven our propriety and professional skills, which take us to the forefront amongst the leading companies in the industry.

How can we be helpful?

Our company majors in the field of planning but also in construction and design. We offer you:
1. In the field of planning:
- Elaboration of an idea project;
- Architectural noting of existing buildings and terrain for conversion or change of use;
- All projects needed for a building permit - Architecture, Structure Design, Elle, Plumbing, etc.;
- Interior design or fragments of the interior;
- Details of characteristic elements.

2. In the field of town planning:
Detailed structure plans - partition plans, property consolidation, regulation plans;
- Plans for exchanging the purpose of properties.

3. In the field of design:
Brochures with floor plans, sections, facades and three-dimensional graphics for presentation to potential customers;
- Developing quality photorealistic visualizations.

4. In the field of construction:
Calculation of all projects so that we could estimate the price of the construction;
- Supervision during construction;
- Agreement on the whole project's documentation.

What goals does our company have?

Our style of work is unique, we care for the quality of the product and we always try to create something new that is provocative and interesting. We always aim to have perfect relations with our clients and with the business partners in all phases of the project. Our main goal is to be different from the other companies in the industry and to not betray the trust of our clients, and partners, to be always informed and competent not only in our line of work, but also with the Bulgarian laws.

Why should you choose us?

We will offer you realistic ideas, according to your demands and budget, because we work with modern methods of design. Our clients can get an idea of the final product and participate in the creative process. Our team will listen and advise the clients until the end of the project. Acquaint yourselves with our clients and friends in the social network, where we can share ideas and solve problems.


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