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Power station with photovoltaic modules

in Dobrina, Provadia


Property: 2000 m2
Built-up area: 291,80 m2
Living area (total): 291,80 m2
Status: Finished in May 2013

To achieve the desired power 72kWp used 300 pieces polycrystalline modules. PV modules will be fixed orientation to the south at an angle of 30° and 22° to the ground. They are grouped in three series strings. The task of the inverter converts constant voltage into variable power frequency, which allows direct power to all consumers in the standard.
When building a photovoltaic facility will be provided for monitoring system power. For this purpose designed building (control room) in which the equipment will be installed to control and monitor. Measurement of electricity produced by the plant is carried in a separate panel installed in the control room.